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Oliver Carty has the capability and capacity to process a wide and varied range of pork and bacon products as high volume everyday lines or bespoke premium products.



We continually invest in and upgrade our operations so that we have the most efficient and effective manufacturing process. Our state of the art machinery, complex IT systems, skilled workforce, distribution channels and retail partners ensure that we are ‘best in class’.



We continue to champion innovation in all of our products and have won a plethora of awards for our efforts - such as the Great Taste, “Best Irish Speciality” award in 2012, or better known as a “Golden Fork” award that is one of the highest accolades a company can win in the food business- often referred to the “Oscars” of the food industry. Constant innovation has put us at the fore in our product range and gained us some unexpected but much appreciated recognition...



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Primal Bacon cuts have diversified substantially over the years with ease of use and convenience being paramount for retail butchers, especially at Christmas time where the traditional gammon is still a must have for the festive dinner. Responding to changing consumer habits we have launched smaller more convenient gammons like the “Easy Carve” variety and the “Ham on the Bone” type.


We have our own smoke-house and only use natural woods like beach, oak and cherrywood in the smoking process. We also have our own curing plant where various wet cures and dry cures are carefully applied to pork to produce bacon that meets and exceeds all required Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine requirements by means of tests carried out in our on site lab and validated externally.

Rashers have been the core of our business for many years starting off with fixed and variable weight bulk packed rashers and then moving on to various fixed weight and fixed price packs. Our flavours have also diversified from the standard smoked and unsmoked types to sea salted, maple, cherrywood and honey flavoured varieties. Cure types have also changed from the traditional Wiltshire cured products to modern reduced salt recipes and our award winning dry cured rashers.


Packaging concepts and capabilities have also changed throughout the years from the standard vacuum pack to gas flushed packs and more recently to Darfresh (skin-pack) variety. In tune with consumer demands we have recently launched a breakfast meal kit pack in Darfresh packaging which we call the "Breakfast for Two", catering for consumers growing demand for convenience and reduced left overs.


Our Organic and Free Range rashers have won various prestigious prizes from the Great Taste Awards over the years.


Bacon joints and ham fillets have become a major part of the business over the past few years. We have a modern production plant with state of the art equipment to accurately portion and pack all types of ham fillets and back joints in tailored packaging. Our value added products in the category have grown substantially - from our dry cured chops with mustard butter to the traditional gammon steaks with fresh pineapple.

Pork is a versatile product that lends itself to many dishes. Our pork range is diverse, spanning from everyday household favourites such as Pork Loin Roast, Pork Loin Chops and Pork-Steak to the more adventurous value added options like our Pork Loins marinated in a hot Argentinean flavoured sauce or a mild but flavoursome Honey and Mustard marinade. We also supply convenient pork products such as our stuffed pork steak options and pork loin ribs that minimise preparation time and take hassle out of cooking an evening meal.



Our pulled pork in a bbq and apple sauce cooks in self-venting, oven-able thermoforming film, bringing a whole new level of convenience to our pork range. This novel packaging ensures that the meat cooks uniformly. It is clean cooking, the film does not require piercing and best of all it is suitable for oven-cook or microwaveable. The end result is a mouth-watering pulled pork dish infused with a bbq and apple sauce.