Pork Rashers

Unsmoked Streaky Bacon Rashers with Atlantic Sea Salt

Expertly cured with Irish Atlantic Sea Salt.
Unsmoked streaky rashers

Using a traditional air-dried method for a distinctive flavour, we proudly offer the most delicious and tasty streaky bacon rashers in Ireland. Oliver Carty’s unsmoked streaky bacon rashers are unmatched in quality and taste. They are prepared using a combination of our great family traditions blended with updated technologies and the latest skills. Our unsmoked streaky bacon rashers are expertly cured with Irish Atlantic Sea Salt, giving them a unique and great-tasting flavour.

Created with only the freshest ingredients from carefully chosen providers, we ensure consistently high quality in every product. Also, they are made from roam free droves that are fed the most nutritious food, in line with Little River Pig Farm standards.

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Who are they for?

It might be easier to ask, “who are they not for?” because we believe they can be enjoyed with your family and friends on any occasion. Whether you love streaky bacon rashers or want to become a number-one fan, Oliver Carty’s are the ones to look for. Enjoy their versatility across hundreds of recipes or as a stand alone tasty and delicious snack. Oliver Carty is the only choice when it comes to excellent quality and tasty pork bacon rashers for the whole family.

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Where to find us

Oliver Carty Irish unsmoked streaky bacon rashers are available in selected SuperValu and Donnybrook Fair stores nationwide.

Pack contains average 6 servings.

Streaky Rasher Asparagus Wraps with Poached Egg & Hollandaise 

Nourishing, simple and tasty for any time of day. One of Aoife’s go to dishes when friends pop round.

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