Organic Dry Cured Rashers

Hand-rubbed with the finest sea salt for a unique and tender rasher.
Organic dry cured rashers

Oliver Carty’s organic dry-cured rashers are hand-rubbed with the finest sea salt for a unique and tender taste to enjoy with friends and family.

They are prepared with a mix of great family traditions, updated technologies, and the latest skills. Our organic dry-cured rashers with Atlantic Sea salt are slowly cured for a full and succulent flavour.

Our organic dry-cured rashers are produced in Ireland from Danish pork. Friland, our organic supplier, specialises in the processing and handling of organic pigs, having developed a code of practice which ensures that the animals’ welfare and needs are met in the best possible way.

Who are they for?

Oliver Carty’s organic dry-cured rashers can be enjoyed with your family and friends on any occasion. Enjoy them as part of a nutritious wholesome meal or as a tasty snack. When it comes to great quality and tasty pork bacon rashers, Oliver Carty has a reputation for excellence. We share some of our never-ending recipes but hope you feel free to explore even more meal options of your choice.

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Where to find us

Oliver Carty’s organic dry-cured rashers are available in selected SuperValu and Donnybrook Fair stores nationwide.

Pack contains average 5 servings.

Grilled Back Rashers & Cucumber Salad with Maple Syrup Dressing

A delicious and juicy salad - the maple syrup really brings out the taste of the rashers.

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Organic dry cured rashers

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