Little River Pig Farm – Joe Healy

Little River Pig Farm, Providing High-Quality Irish Pork for Oliver Carty & Family.

The traditional rasher range (excluding Cooked Streaky) by Oliver Carty & Family sources its pork exclusively from The Little River Pig Farm, owned and operated by third-generation pig farmers in Enniscorthy Co. Wexford

Joe Healy, the owner and operator of The Little River Pig Farm, comes from a long line of pig farmers from Co. Carlow. Bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to his work on the farm, Joe’s passion for producing high-quality pork using sustainable and responsible farming practices is evident in everything he does.

At Oliver Carty, we share Joe’s values, and we believe in passing down knowledge and traditions through generations. We understand the importance of sustainable and ethical farming, and we’re proud to work with Joe and The Little River Pig Farm.

The Little River Pig Farm’s core values are sustainability, provenance, and animal welfare. They manufacture feed on-site using natural by-products whenever possible, sourcing barley and wheat from local farmers within 10 kilometres of the farm.

What sets them apart is an innovative approach to providing high-quality Irish pork. Every day, Joe’s team collects yeast from the distillers at Diageo in St. James’s Gate and pot ale syrup from the Midleton Distillery in Cork.

“Sustainability, provenance and animal welfare are at the heart of everything the Little River Pig Farm does.”

The yeast provides the pigs with sulphur, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamins B1, B6, B12, while the pot ale syrup, a by-product of malt whiskey distillation, is rich in carbohydrates, yeast residues, proteins, and minerals.

This unique combination helps to give The Little River Pig Farm products a rich and juicy flavour that is characteristic of Irish pork.

To ensure quality and consistency, The Little River Pig Farm sources its water from a deep bore well. The animals’ shelter is temperature-monitored, they have toys to play with which ensures their happiness and well-being.

For Oliver Carty & Family, sourcing pork exclusively from The Little River Pig Farm means delivering high-quality, sustainably sourced Irish pork to our customers.

Irish Atlantic Sea Salt

Irish Atlantic Sea Salt is a family-owned business that produces sea salt flakes on the beautiful Beara Peninsula, West Cork, Ireland. The perfect complement to the unique curing process used by Oliver Carty & Family to enhance flavour and create a delicious product.

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