The Carty way, discover the Carty Cure.

Discover The Carty Cure, traditional Irish bacon perfected The Carty Way. For over half a century, Oliver Carty has been slicing and dicing rashers using time-honoured traditions combined with innovation, all while holding onto our unique sense of Irishness. With a focus on quality assurance, every pork and bacon product is weighed and wrapped in-house using knowledge passed down through generations.

Big changes have come our way since those early days in the Carty family kitchen. Oliver Carty, namesake founder of the Irish bacon company was born and raised in Arcadia, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, he started the business in the 1950s using a cooker that could only hold ten hams.

Today, the company remains based in Athlone and has moved into a modern, cutting-edge facility with over 150 employees. The company’s remarkable success is attributed to its ability to leverage innovation while staying ahead of the curve.

We continuously research, innovate and develop new products, allowing us to bring fresh ideas to the market while extending our product range. We also improve our sustainability and sourcing standards, all while delivering added value for our customers.

The secret to the mouth-watering flavour of The Carty Cure lies in our pure and simple process. Utilising our own smokehouse and authentic woods like beech, oak & cherrywood, Oliver Carty’s Irish bacon is hand salted and turned with no added water. Results are a truly unique taste that is appreciated by bacon lovers nationwide.

The Carty Way is a promise to savour the delicious flavours of bacon and pork cuts that have been perfected over time. So, taste The Carty Cure for yourself and experience a rich, savoury taste that has been passed down from generation to generation. Discover why Irish bacon from Oliver Carty is truly in a league of its own.

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Oliver Carty started the business, which to this day proudly bears his name, way back in the 1950s. He started small, with a cooker that could hold just 10 hams.

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