At Oliver Carty we conduct our business in a responsible manner and are dedicated to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all of our employees, contractors and visitors as well as preserving the integrity of our environment.

Oliver Carty is committed to the effective management of environmental, health and safety (EHS) through the following mechanisms:


Compliance with all relevant regulatory and non-regulatory requirements to which the company subscribes.


Continuous Improvement of our products, production and management processes to ensure that they are inherently safe and that they   incorporate the principles of prevention, energy conservation, water conservation and monitoring, waste minimization, and process safety.


Assessment of all activities through proactive EHS risks assessments and implementation of actions to control identified risks and                   hazards.


Review of EHS objectives, targets and EHS management systems on a regular basis to ensure continued commitment to an improvement     of EHS performance.


Education and Awareness of our employees and contractors on EHS requirements and their responsibility as they apply to their daily work activities, while promoting innovation, awareness, EHS best practices, and being a good corporate citizen.


Readiness and Responsibility in dealing with emergency incidents and minimising the impact on worker’s health and safety and the impact on the wider environment.


Striving for an incident free workplace environment with an ultimate goal of elimination of EHS impacts. This will be conducted through high employee involvement, by providing adequate financial and human resources for EHS programs and making EHS considerations a priority in business planning and decision-making processes.


Employees at Oliver Carty have individual authority, responsibility and accountability for following our environmental, health and safety policy and guidelines, safety and environmental laws and regulations along with an obligation to actively participate in promoting an effective EHS culture in order to protect themselves, their co-workers, their community and the environment.




Our sustainability plan is an integral part of our overall strategic plan which integrates seamlessly into our existing business structures and processes. Our dedicated 'Green Team' focuses on many initiatives including the reduction of our waste levels, along with championing efficient energy and water usage.


Sustainability is important to making sure that we have the resources required to protect our environment. Oliver Carty's commitment to the Origin Green programme is benefiting our local community today whilst ensuring that we are protecting resources for generations to come.


Oliver Carty is an Origin Green Verified Member.


This means Oliver Carty have made concrete and verifiable commitments in accordance with the Origin Green sustainability charter to become a more sustainable producer.




































































See www.origingreen.ie for more details.